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Lisa Muetterties for Calaveras County Supervisor District 3 2022.  

“I am pleased to announce my YouTube Channel where you can see me speaking about all the issues affecting our communities in Calaveras County’s District 3.”  
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Interview with Access TV

Candidates night was hosted by the Greater Arnold Business and Community Association. They did a great job of providing a venue for the public to meet the District 3 Supervisor Candidates.

The Moderator was John Hamilton with The Pine Tree. It was unfortunate the Opponent asked for the questions in advance and stated he would not attend if he did not have the questions before the event. The Moderator John Hamilton provided the questions to Martin Huberty, 7 days before the meeting. The other Candidate Lisa Muetterties did not have access to the questions until the afternoon of the event.  Watch as the Public stands up and stopped the corruption. The questions were thrown out and the public provided the questions. The event went very well after the people demanded justice and prevailed.


Calaveras Enterprise Press Release

 Longtime District 3 resident and small business owner Lisa Muetterties has announced that she is running for District 3 supervisor against opponent Martin Huberty

Muetterties, 56, has lived in Calaveras County for 39 years. She and her husband, Tim, have owned Arnold CA Real Estate for 40 years. Muetterties served as a representative on the Calaveras County District 3 Planning Commission from 2014 to 2018; two of those years were spent as a chairperson. She currently serves as the treasurer of the Calaveras County Association of Realtors Housing Affordability Committee. She and her husband also owned a snow removal business from 1999 to 2014. 

“I served on the California Association of Realtors as a director for 20 years. What I did there was the basis for my background. We protected private property rights and would meet with our legislators. So, I have a long history of political (involvement),” said Muetterties.   

When asked why she wanted to run for District 3 supervisor, Muetterties told the Enterprise, “I am so vested in this county. I have four generations of family here. My intent was to get back involved in the political process in my own county and try to make things better. I think Calaveras County is great, but I would like to be able to see if we can do better.”

One of the issues she would like to address in the county is understaffing. “You've got three employees doing the job of 10,” she said. “I want to see if we can find a way to get the staffing levels to what they're budgeted to. And help those departments be better, stronger, and more helpful to the people of Calaveras County.”

On the topic of housing, Muetterties gave a very detailed analysis of the housing shortage in the county: “The state legislature has made it impossible for investors to want to buy full-time rentals. Short-term rentals are people that are buying a cabin and intend to use it. That has always been the industry in this county. We have always been a tourism county, that's never going to change. Where we're having issues is property values have gone up. So when property values go up and an investor buys a full-time rental, that's not priced so that you or I or somebody that just has a normal everyday working job can afford to rent.”

Muetterties brought up the difficulty of building affordable housing in the county, like duplexes and apartments, due to rules and regulations stating that they can only be built if they are connected to a sewer. She said this is extremely difficult in the county and is why most homes are connected to septic systems. 

“They're blocking our affordable housing,” she said. “And I think we can do a better job of opening that up and allowing this to happen. We've got to find ways to take care of our workforce.” 

In terms of infrastructure, Muetterties said, “I think that we need to be looking at our departments as a whole and finding out how we can better fund the resources in our public works department. We've got roadways that are in horrible shape, we all know it. We're a rural county, we're not a rich county, and we need to find ways to be spending that money and doing a better job with it.” 

She also emphasized how hard it is to get grants from the state government to fund these projects, as well as the importance of setting aside county money to match the grants. 

When it comes to dealing with the state government, Muetterties said, “I've been dealing with legislators for 30 years. I have good relationships with our legislators. We have CSAC [California State Association of Counties] for our county that attends all of those state legislations. And whoever the representative is from the board of supervisors will be taking the issues forward from our county to those meetings to represent our county at the state level.”

When asked about wildfire season, Muetterties expressed her support for firebreaks and the tree mortality program. She also talked about the importance of properly funding fire departments and encouraging citizens to maintain their properties. She brought up the importance of receiving grants to continue funding firebreaks and removal of the bark beetle-infested trees. 

When asked what her biggest challenge will be if she is elected, Muetterties stated, “I think finding funding to keep our departments strong is going to be the biggest challenge.”

She brought up that the county assessor’s office is behind on transactions: “If the new assessor is able to bring all of that up to current, we are going to see a lot of additional income coming into this county. So getting those tax collections assessed, the supplementals paid, is going to play a huge role in bringing money into this county and getting us back to par.”

Muetterties expressed that if elected, she is looking forward to working with public works. She stated, “The department is impacting us the most in this district, starting from snow removal, all the way down through road infrastructure. I want to see that department funded because that will impact us in all directions. It will stop a lot of health and safety issues from happening out there. If we have evacuations happening, the better condition our roads are in, the better we all are.”

The statewide direct primary election will take place on June 7. In the meantime, the Enterprise will be providing coverage on all candidates and relevant issues. Let us know which issues you find most important by contacting or by visiting our Election Forum.


Lisa Muetterties

I am formally announcing my candidacy for the position of Calaveras County Supervisor District 3.

I am running for office because I am vested in, and I care about the communities of Calaveras County. I have been a Realtor for over 30 years and co-own a small business with my husband. I am a strong supporter and proponent of businesses in Calaveras County.

I have resided in Calaveras County for 39 years and raised three children in District 3 and have 5 grandchildren living in the district. I have received numerous awards at the state and local level. I have also been recognized by the California State Legislature and received a Resolution for my community service.

I founded and continue to coordinate the Christmas in White Pines Parade of Lights/Laser Light Show that has been a great success and a wonderful event for the Community.

I served as a State Director for the California Association of Realtors for over 20 years and chaired the Land Use Committee, was elected to the position of Regional Chair, and served on the Executive Committee. The training and experience have prepared me for the position of Supervisor.

I was appointed to the Calaveras County Planning Commission in 2014 – 2018. I was also chosen by my fellow Commissioners to serve as the Chairperson for two of those years. During those four years, the Commissioners reviewed and updated the General Plan and Housing Element. 

I have several projects that I want to make a priority. 

Affordable Housing:

One issue that exists in all areas is affordable housing for the workforce. Calaveras County must prepare for providing ways to have affordable housing. There are many lots with R3 Zoning and those were designed to have duplex and triplex housing.  The current rules on the books state they must have sewer and water. This needs to be revisited to allow for septic systems. This will allow for more types of affordable housing to be built.  The state passed the ability to build Accessory Dwelling Units on parcels to accommodate in law quarters or housing for children. (NOT Vacation rentals) While I was on the Planning Commission, discussions of allowing the septic to be expanded and shared was an option. We need to continue these discussions.

Short term Rentals:

There has been a large increase of vacation rentals throughout the district. We need to have regulation and oversight. I know this is a tough topic. But, with driveways not being plowed and cars parking in roadways it impedes snow removal. Garbage needs to be secured properly to keep animals out.  We also need to address too many people in one home with loud parties. This is a disturbance to many neighbors. These issues can be addressed with regulation. The Short-term rentals paid in 1.2 million last year in taxes. If we provide regulation that can be enforced and give code compliance the ability to address these issues, we can provide better safety and all work together. Tourism is an important part of Calaveras County. I am a firm believer in “we can always do better.”

Snow Removal:

In the Upper Corridor, snow removal as of late has been an issue and carries with it concerns for safety and emergency issues.  When the roads are not accessible for many days, power is out, and all communications are down we are putting our Citizens at risk and is a recipe for disaster. I live in the snow and have been without power for up to 10 days and roads not accessible.  We need to provide for more equipment and incentives for extra hires to deal with weakened falling trees and assist with the road closures in large snowstorms. The Employees are working around the clock to service the area and do a great job.  We need to help them and provide more assistance and equipment.

It will take three votes of the Supervisors to accomplish these goals. But I am the Candidate that will work with the other Supervisors to accomplish these goals. I am asking for your vote on June 7th to Elect me, Lisa Muetterties as your next District 3 Supervisor.  


Request for Support:   Please peruse this website for pertinent information in consideration of supporting my election campaign! 



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